Alice Halter, a New York-based choreographer and performer, connects neuroscience theory to personal narratives through solo and group movement investigations and performance. Her work has been presented at the Modern Atlanta Dance Festival, the University of St Andrews (UK), Access Theater, Center for Performance Research, Triskelion Arts, and Dixon Place.

In early 2018, Alice founded Alice Liddell & Dancers, a collaborative contemporary dance company. Their work merges the seemingly disparate fields of dance and neuroscience by using pertinent research to inform perspectives on critical life experiences. Their past and current work investigates topics such as reward, motivation, identity, and memory.

In July 2018, Alice spent a week in Detroit for a residency and commission from Science Gallery Lab Detroit. AL&D collaborated with two local dancers to produce a quintet version of Prediction error which was performed in the gallery in the heart of downtown Detroit.

As a dancer, Alice has had the pleasure of performing works by Douglas Gillespie, Dante Brown, Yossi Berg and Oded Graf, Sarah Hillmer, and George Staib. She is also a company member of kamrDANCE and a freelance performer for various projects.

Alice views dance-making as an opportunity to create new challenges and devise infinite solutions through movement. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Emory University with a BS in Biology and a minor in Dance and Movement Studies. She was a two-time awardee of Emory’s Friends of Dance scholarship and a grant recipient from the Center for Creativity & Arts.