Alice Halter choreographed and performed her “Experiment p,” a study of shifting light and momentum. Vocabulary was sharp and drastic in her intriguing world of traverse, rebounding investigations.
— StageBuddy


Alice began creating solo works while at Emory University. She was awarded funding from Emory's Center for Creativity & Arts to commission an original score for her solo her noose a ring which used the imagery of a bog body from a Seamus Heaney poem as a gateway into the American female experience. Her research also included the integration of conservative political rhetoric. This solo was presented both at Emory University's Schwartz Performing Arts Center and at the American College Dance Festival at Auburn University. 



In 2017, Alice created Experiment p as a challenge to integrate detail and authentic momentum in time and space. The work seeks the minimum and maximum of spatial consumption and physical boundaries. 

There are moments of scored improvisation which allow for real-time exploration of momentum during performance. This work is designed to challenge the content which can coexist in a space, without sacrificing one for the other, always searching for a deeper layer in momentum or detail.

Experiment p premiered at the Bates Dance Festival Young Choreographers' Showcase in 2017. Alice also performed the work at Access Theater, Center for Performance Research, and Steps on Broadway.